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Freshwater Compatibility

There is no substitute for practical experience with compatibility, but here are a number of ways to gain a starting basis.   If you have information to share, send us your Updates, Suggestions and Photos


Search for compatible combinations.  Select a specific fish from this drop down box.  When you hit Submit, a list of compatible fish will be returned.



Select a specific fish from the first drop down box below and a fish that you want to compare to in the second box.  When you hit Submit, it will tell you whether the two selections are compatible.


Search Results:


Search Fish Facts for complete information on specific fish, including compatibility.  Each information page has a table which lists compatible fish for the species selected.  To search, click on the search button.


The compatibility database at Tim's is set up intentionally to be conservative.  If there's a slight chance two types of fish won't get along, we don't list them as compatible.  This could be based on aggression but also on more subtle factors, such as the fact that many tetras get stressed by other fast moving fish even though they aren't being attacked.  It's is a challenging task to create a compatibility database and there are always individuals who have a different experience in their community tanks.  For example, 50% of our readers say that angels and discus are compatible and the others disagree. So these two don't show as compatible in the database.  You only get further clarification by reading our specific info on angels.

The sources of information for creating the database include personal experience, emails received from readers and a review of as many internet sites as possible.  We continually accept suggestions for improvement to the table.  Be sure to check the Gallery section in order to get better insight.