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Malawi Cichlids

Kenyi Cichlid Pseudotropheus lombardoi Kenyi Cichlid Pseudotropheus lombardoi

The Kenyi Cichlid originates originates from Lake Malawi in Africa.  It is an “mbuna” or rockfish.  It is also called a Lombardoi and a Blue kenyi.  Juveniles are blue.  Adult females also retain this coloration, while males turn a yellow.  The Kenyi prefers muddy areas where sediment has accumulated.  Kenyis should be fed a vegetarian diet including spirulina and algae based foods.

Scientific Name: Pseudotropheus lombardoi
Family: Cichlid
Temperature: 22 - 28 C; 72 - 83 F
pH: 7.5 - 8.5
Size: 10 cm; 4 inches
Life Span: 10 years
Breeding: Normal, Egg Layer, Mouthbrooder


Mbuna Cichlids such as the Auratus, Cobalt Blue, Johanni, Pindani, Red Zebra, Tropheops.  Also synodontis catfish.  Too aggressive for Haplochromis and Peacock Cichlids.

Other fairly aggressive unrelated species such as New World cichlids and barbs, may be ignored.