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Tinfoil Barb

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Redtail Tinfoil Barb, Barbus schwanefeldi

The Tinfoil Barb originates from southeast Asia.  It is known by the scientific names Barbus schwanefeldi, Barbonymus schwanenfeldii and Puntius schwanenfeldii.  The Tinfoil Barb has silver plated scales, producing color variations reminiscent of tinfoil.  The dorsal fin is often red with a black tip.  Other fins are often red as well.  The forking of the tail fin increases their speed.

The Tinfoil needs a tank of at least 50 gallons because of its size.  The tank can be decorated, but mature Tinfoils donít require any plant cover.  They do enjoy eating plants, though. Tinfoils are mild tempered and do not match the aggressive profile of most barbs.  They are an excellent community fish, but they will eat smaller fish.  Their speed allows them to avoid aggressive tank mates and their skittish qualities can lead them to jump out of the tank.  Tinfoils are a schooling fish and should be kept in groups of 6 or more.  Feeding should consist of flake foods, pellets, tubifex, vegetable matter, brine shrimp and small fish.

Tinfoil Barb, Barbus schwanefeldi

Tinfoils are often suggested as a dither fish used to reduce aggression among cichlids.  Their speed continually brings them near cichlids, who chase them away.  The cichlids concentrate on the Tinfoils and stop fighting among themselves.  Consideration should be given to the plight of the Tinfoil in this situation, as it may be a very unpleasant life style for them.

Scientific Name: Barbus schwanefeldi
Family: Cyprinid
Temperature: 22 - 25 C; 72 - 77 F
pH: 6.5 - 7.0
Size: 35 cm; 14 inches
Life Span: 8 years
Breeding: Difficult, Egglayer
Bala Shark, Barbs, Clown Loaches, Danios, larger Gouramis, Oscars, Plecos, Rainbows, Rainbow Sharks, Silver Dollars

Dither fish for New World cichlids.