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Chocolate Zebra Pleco

Exotic Plecos

The Chocolate Zebra Pleco originates from the Rio Curuná in Brazil.  It is also known as the Tapajos Zebra Pleco and is closely related to the Zebra Pleco.  They will eat frozen bloodworms and spirulina flakes.  The Chocolate Zebra will need a hiding space or cave.  You will seldom be able to see this fish in your tank if it has an adequate hiding place.

Breeding is extremely difficult and Chocolate Zebra Plecos are obtained commercially in the wild in Brazil.

Chocolate Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus sp. L270  Chocolate Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus sp. L270

Scientific Name: Hypancistrus sp L270
Family: Catfish
Temperature: 24 - 29 C; 75 - 84 F
pH: 6.0 - 7.5
Size: 10 cm;  4 inches
Life Span: ?
Breeding: Difficult, Egglayer


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