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Exotic Plecos

Flash Pleco L204

Panaque sp.

Flash Pleco, Panaque sp. L204

The Flash Pleco originates from the Rio Alejandro in Peru. The "flash" is narrow bands of white or yellow against a black background. The Flash Pleco is also sometimes called the Flash Peckoltia. Flash Plecos must have wood in their tank, which they enjoy eating. They prefer strong water flow, sand and hiding places or caves. Flash Plecos are not aggressive.

Adult coloring becomes more yellow and lines can become interrupted by the underlying darker body color. Flash Pleco Males are slightly larger than females and have longer pectoral fins. Breeding is extremely difficult. Flash Plecos are obtained commercially in the wild in Peru.

Flash Pleco - Compatibility

The Flash Pleco is compatible with Angelfish, Discus, Plecos

Flash Pleco, Panaque sp. L204

Flash Pleco - Profile

  • Scientific Name: Panaque sp L204

  • Family: Catfish

  • Temperature: 24 - 29 C; 75 - 84 F

  • pH: 6.0 - 7.5

  • Size: 13 cm; 5 inches

  • Life Span: ?

  • Breeding: Difficult, Egglayer

Flash Pleco, Panaque sp. L204

Flash Pleco, Panaque sp. L204