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Salvini Cichlid

Salvini Cichlid - Coloring

Salvini cichlid, Cichlasoma salvini
Salvini Cichlid

Salvini Cichlids are Central American Cichlids. They are also know as Yellow Bellied and as Tri Color Cichlids. They are known by the scientific name Cichlasoma Salvini and by Nandopsis Salvini. The Salvini has a yellow body with two broken bands of black running the length of the upper body. There is red around the anal fin and blue spots can develop throughout the body. The colors are most pronounced during breeding. They will eat flake foods and cichlid pellets.

Salvini Cichlid - Aquarium Setup

Salvinis can be very aggressive, especially in small quarters. They can be combined with other New World Cichlids in a tank of at least 50 gallons with a sandy substrate. The tank should be planted. It should have rocks and hiding areas, but should also have open areas for swimming.

Salvini Cichlid - Compatibility:

Salvini Cichlids are compatible with Neotropical Cichlids such as the Green Terror, Green Severum, Gold Severum, Firemouth, Texas Cichlid, Blood Parrots, Plecos

Salvini Cichlid - Breeding

The males have larger dorsal fins, but males are not easy to distinguish from females. Males will establish a territory and chase other fish away. They will attract a female and will appear aggressive with her. It is best to separate them from other fish for breeding. Salvinis will spawn in caves or sometimes in the open. Temperatures should be in the upper end of their range. Eggs will hatch after a couple of days. Salvinis are good parents and both will care for the young.

Salvini Cichlid - Profile

  • Scientific Name: Cichlasoma salvini

  • Family: Cichlid

  • Temperature: 22 - 33 C; 72 - 90 F

  • pH: 7 - 8

  • Size: 18 cm; 7 inches

  • Life Span: 10 years

  • Breeding: Normal, Egg Layer