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One of the most important areas to address for care of your tropical fish is the water quality.  If you start with a brand new aquarium that hasn't had fish in it before, you will find that you get an ammonia spike soon after introducing your new fish.  This spike can actually burn the fins off your new fish, ultimately killing them and causing great disappointment.  It is difficult to resist filling up a new tank with fish, but the most important way to reduce ammonia is to start with only a few fish and add more after a few weeks.  Once you have an established tank, you can keep a larger number of fish with very little effort.

The most efficient way to cycle or establish a balanced aquarium is to import your bacteria from another aquarium.  The main catch is to ensure the aquarium you use is disease free.  You can use an existing filter, gravel or plants.  If you don't have access to an established aquarium, resist the temptation to buy lots of fish a start with only one or two.  For an interesting article about a fishless cycle and ways to balance an aquarium, visit the Tropical Fish Centre.  There are test kits to test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrate levels.