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Fish tanks are mainly made of glass, but acrylic is sometimes used as well.  The size of the tank you need will depend on the type and number of fish that you plan to have.  A general rule is to allow one gallon of water for each one inch of fish.  This equates to about one centimetre for each litre of water.  For example 20 neons would be manageable in a 20 gallon tank.

If the tank is just being established be sure to read the Water Quality section.  With a well balanced aquarium and a proper filter, you will be able to exceed these limits.  One of the main factors in supporting fish is the surface area of the water.

Glass bowls are only suitable for Bettas.  Goldfish shouldn't be placed in small glass bowls, because they need more oxygen and are messier than most fish.  A glass bowl is usually smaller at the top and reduces the exposure to oxygen.  Since bettas can breathe air directly, this isn't an issue for them.

For value in aquariums, it's hard to beat department stores.  They provide excellent aquariums, complete with heater, filter, canopy and fluorescent lighting.  Fluorescent lighting will produce much better lighting for viewing your fish than incandescent light bulbs will.  Many department store aquarium products are actually rebranding of Marineland inventories.  If you'd like to turn your Regent filter into a Penguin Bio Wheel filter, click Penguin.

Place the tank in an area which gets as little direct light as possible.  This will help reduce the build up of algae, reduce temperature build up from the sun and provide better viewing.  You will notice that most retailers don't have windows near their fish displays.