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Converting a Regent Filter to a Penguin Bio Wheel


The Penguin  Bio Wheel is made by Marineland and is made from the same parts as the Regent filter from Walmart.  Want to conver your Regent to a bio wheel?  Here are the parts you will need to convert a Regent 29 gallon filter to a Penguin 170 as determined from the following links to Big Al's Online (Canadian site):

Part Description Price (Cdn)
  Bracket for 160/170   4.99
  Bio Wheel Assembly (filter) 12.99
  Bio Wheel Bearings (2)   3.99
  Filter Box Cover 11.99

  Total Price


Be sure you count the spaces on the lid of your Regent to ensure these match the spaces on a Penguin 170 lid exactly.

It isn't very economical to buy the new lid.  By the time you do, you've paid $ 33.96 when a new Penguin Bio Wheel sells for $46.99.  If you skip the lid, it's a good savings, but you won't be able to fit the old lid on.  Then there's the extra noise that a Penguin Bio Wheel makes whether or not you have a lid.

Don't overlook the replacement cost on the regular media filter panels too, as the Walmart Regent version called AquaTek will work in your Penguin filter.


You can convert a Regent filter from Walmart to a Penguin 170 for $11.96 plus shipping at Pet Solutions  I converted mine after reading you article and thought you might like the info.  You have a great site.  It helped me a lot.  Thanks.

Dan Heaney
Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania