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Ternetzi Piranha

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Ternetzi Piranha, Pygocentrus ternetzi

The ternetzi piranha is yellow bodied and comes from Argentina. It's classification is still not finalized.  It is considered a variant of the Red Bellied Piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri, but has not formally been recognized as a distinct species with the name Pygocentrus ternetzi.  It is also referred to as the Gold Dust Piranha and the Yellow King Emperor Piranha.  This piranha should be kept in a large aquarium of 40 or more gallons and prefers a group of at least 4 of its kind.  This piranha will only eat meat, including any live freshwater feeder fish, frozen fish fillets, shrimp and other meat products.  Extreme caution must be used, as it enjoys human fingers as a food source!

Scientific Name: Pygocentrus ternetzi or
Pygocentrus nattereri
Family: Characin
Temperature: 26 - 27 C; 78 - 81 F
pH: 6.8
Size: 30 cm; 12 inches
Life Span: 4 years
Breeding: Difficult, Egglayer


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