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Bloodfin Tetra

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Bloodfin Tetra Aphyocharax anisitsi

The Bloodfin Tetra originates from the Parana River basin of Argentina in South America.  They are also known as the Glass Bloodfin, the Red-finned Characin, the Red-finned Tetra and the Argentine Bloodfin.  They are quite easy to keep.  The body is translucent while the fins, especially the tail and lower fins, are red.  Their color will fade under lower temperatures, but they do not require a heated aquarium.

A planted tank with floating plant cover, hiding places and open swimming space is preferred.  They are a typical schooling tetra and should be kept in groups of at least 6.  They eat flake foods, freeze dried bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Females are broader and paler than males.  The males have a small hook on their anal fin.  Tetras have adhesive eggs, so fine leaved plants should be used to catch the eggs.  The parents should be removed after spawning.  The fry will hatch within a couple of days and will survive several days on their yolk sac.  The fry should be fed brine shrimp and then finely ground flake foods.

Bloodfin Tetra Aphyocharax anisitsi
Scientific Name: Aphyocharax anisitsi
Family: Characin
Temperature: 18 - 28 C; 64 - 82 F
pH: 6.0 - 8.0
Size: 5 cm; 2 inches
Life Span: 5 - 10 years
Breeding: Normal, Egg Layer


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