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Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish, Paracheirodon innesi, Tim's Tropical Fish

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish - Popular Beginner's First Fish

The neon tetra aquarium fish is one of the most popular begnniers' first fish tank mates because of its bright color. However, the neon tetra is actually one of the harder fish to care for because it gets scared and sick quite easily. The Neon Tetra originally came from the upper Amazon near Peru, where it occupied dark locations.  Neon Tetras have a stripe along the length of their body that changes between blue and green depending on the viewing angle.

Neon Tetra vs Cardinal Tetra

Here is what is different between the neon tetra vs the Cardinal Tetra Aquarium Fish. The neon tetra has silver in the lower front half of the body, while the Cardinal Tetra aquarium fish continues to be red in this area.  Neon tetras are also very similar to the Glowlight Tetra Aquarium Fish.  The female neon tetra aquarium fish has a slightly wider body, which makes it seem like the stripe is bending.

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish - Water Quality

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish are easier to transport than Cardinal Tetras, which makes it much easier to find Neon Tetras as compared to Cardinal Tetras.  Neon tetras appreciate blackwater water quality conditions. Blackwater refers to the soft dark water created by the accumulation of decaying leaves in slow moving and still waters.  The best water quality conditions can be created by filtering water through peat or by adding blackwater extract sold by suppliers such as Tetra.  Blackwater extract will turn the water an amber color.

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish - Schooling & Feeding

Neon tetra aquarium fish should be kept in a school of at least 6 and the more you increase their numbers, the better the schooling effect. Neon tetra enjoy feeding on food flakes, spirulina, freeze-dried bloodworms and live foods, such as brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish, Paracheirodon innesi, Tim's Tropical Fish Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish, Paracheirodon innesi, Tim's Tropical Fish

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish - Breeding

Acidic water is needed for neon tetra aquarium fish breeding.  The pair of neon tetra mates should be fed live food.  Peat or blackwater extract can be used to greatly increase the chances of success in breeding.  Cover the tank at night to block out all light.  Then uncover the tank near dawn to induce breeding.  The neon tetra pair should be removed from the tank after breeding.


Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish Tank Mates:

Neon tetra aquarium fish tank mates - compatible with the Black Phantom Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Corydoras Catfish, Ghost Shrimp, Glass Fish, Glow Light Tetra, Guppies, Honey Gouramis, Harlequin Rasbora, Ram Cichlid, White Cloud

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish Facts:

Scientific Name: Paracheirodon innesi
Family: Characin
Temperature: 20 - 21 C; 68 - 79 F
pH: 6.5
Size: 2.5 cm; 1 inch
Life Span: 8 years
Breeding: Difficult, Egg Layer