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Lemon Yellow African CichlidFeature Species Profile - The Electric Yellow Lab originates from rocky areas of Lake Malawi in Africa. It is an "mbuna" or rockfish. It is also called a Lab, Yellow Lab, Electric Yellow Labido, Electric Yellow Labidochromis, Yellow Labidochromis, Lemon Yellow and a Blue Streak Hap. The scientific name caeruleus means blue and refers to the fact that the black streak along the top of the dorsal fin turns blue on males during breeding. Most Labidochromis caeruleus are yellow, however some specimens are white or light blue. The dorsal fins are black and there is black coloring in the dorsal and ventral fins. Electric Yellows are not as aggressive as other African Cichlids, which makes them a good starter cichlid. Males will fight though, so a grouping with more females than males is recommended. They will sometimes school in tight groups. They will do well in an mbuna tank with lots of rocks, caves and hiding places. They are not as aggressive as Auratus and Johannis, though. They need very clear water, so extra filtration is recommended. Although some recommend using underground filters, external filters and bio-wheels simultaneously to maintain quality, my experience is that underground filters are not suitable for mbunas.... more

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