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Melanochromis Auratus African Cichlid Feature Species Profile - The Auratus originates from the rocky depths of Lake Malawi. The term auratus means yellow or golden, which is also part of the scientific name for Goldfish (unrelated). The Auratus is an mbuna or rockfish and is also known as the Golden Mbuna and the Malawi Golden Cichlid. The scientific name was previously Pseudotropheus auratus. The females have the brighter coloration, which is a rarity in the fish world. Females are yellow with three dark parallel stripes fringed in white. Males are black or brown and have a yellow/white stripe running through the mid line of their body. When they are young, the males look like females, which helps them survive the aggression of adult males. This fish can apparently change its sex when conditions dictate an imbalance in breeding partners. Auratus are very aggressive. Not only will a male attack and kill other males, but females are known to kill each other as well. One male and 3 - 5 females are recommended for a tank.... more

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