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On the site, efforts have been made to make the site’s contents accessible to the entire population.

A note regarding the development and updating of the site: I occasionally make updates to the site plugins and the site template and as a result the accessibility bar is not always active, if you encounter this case you are welcome to visit the site again within a few hours, if the accessibility bar is not working properly contact us as soon as possible by email at: contact

What is an accessible site?
A site that is defined as “accessible” should provide a pleasant and comfortable browsing experience for everyone. This is a friendly website, available 24 hours a day for use by people with disabilities, disabilities and people who have difficulty using the computer and the Internet.
An accessible site allows all surfers to surf comfortably and quickly and enjoy the content and services offered on the site in the best possible way.

The website was built in accordance with the accessibility instructions that appear in
W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA

Using the accessibility menu
We use the “One Click Accessibility” plugin which helps make the site accessible.


What can be changed?

  • Enlargement of the text according to the screen
  • Changing the text to a gray shade
  • High contrast
  • reverse contrast
  • Change to a light background
  • Highlighting links
  • Converting to a readable font
  • By clicking the button, an accessibility menu will open with various utilities

By pressing “TAB” on the keyboard you can surf the various pages of the website and navigate easily using the keyboard.
Font size can be increased by pressing CTRL + on the keyboard
You can reduce the font size by pressing CTRL on the keyboard –
operating systems and browsers
The website address and the various pages related to the domain were tested on Windows and OSX operating systems in browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox in their latest versions.

Report inaccessible content
We make every effort to present an accessible website that is required by law, some pages may be less accessible. If you found a page that is not accessible, we will be happy if you contact us.

The page must be indicated including a direct link so that we can seriously check the reference, contact us and we will work to make adjustments if necessary according to our abilities.

Here is the list of components and areas that are not accessible on the site:

  • Third-party components – Google map, buttons designed for content sharing, facebook block

This statement was last updated on: 12/28/2023.